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Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. can be found in Dongguan City, China, and we deliver products internationally to different online platforms worldwide. By far, we are serving 48 countries with 356 satisfied customers. Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. items range from container boxes such as Rigid Boxes, Paper Tube, Round, Corrugated, Folding Cartons boxes, and the likes.

These products are needed for other businesses, such as packaging for watches, gifts, home appliances, and even toys.

Gift Boxes

Speaking of gifts, our gift boxes are of high quality. Plus, it is entirely personalized or customized. You can name any size, material, shading, printing, and logo you want to incorporate in your bad. Moreover, it is made with experienced and skillful representatives who know how to convey gift boxes of value and magnificence. Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. has the experience and information to make the most of each penny. Gift boxes can influence the value of any gift.

This is why Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. made it possible to add any material and accent you would want. This is likewise the justification for why the Chinese are generous when it comes to gift boxes.

The main piece of giving a gift is to pack it so appealingly that it looks extraordinary and produces a beautiful remark from the beneficiary. Today, while there is an assortment of shapes, tones, and styles of beautiful boxes, it is still much better if you are given a chance to customize.

Jewelry Boxes of Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd.

If you are gifting a piece of jewelry, placing it in a gift box may not be enough. As you may know, pieces of jewelry are precious, and they need extra care. Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. could get you a jewelry box that is perfectly customized for your gift.

Most importantly, one could see jewelry boxes as an approach to doing something enjoyable as well as profitable. They can take care of the name of your business as they secure and store your bits of gems, yet they are fun and stylishly satisfying items to claim.

Jewelry boxes make certain to add a totally different enlivening aspect to your table or dresser. A little adornments box is the handiest approach to ensuring that the pieces you have decided to wear on your outing are protected and across the board.

One really might contend that a heap of adornments is certifiably not an actual assortment, without any a spot to show it and its artfulness. You can make a jewelry box with tight dividers as medication cupboards do. Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. can make them change incredibly in shape, size, plan, and design. Most jewelry boxes incorporate compartments for various gems: spaces for rings, racks for wristbands and watches, and many snares for accessories and studs.

One type of jewelry box is a music box. These are genuinely beguiling works of art. Melodic boxes are minuscule and are generally used for their embellishing characteristics. It usually comes about the size of a memento box, perhaps a piece bigger. Their design is fairly more perplexing—moreover, the vast majority of them include different cushioned compartments for rings, watches, and studs. Some of them incorporate plates, ideally suited for wristbands and accessories. They are generally made of cardboard or pressboard. A few collectible melodic boxes, and consequently the more costly ones, are made of porcelain or wood. Since the porcelain ones are delicate because of the idea of their material, it is exceptionally suggested that they be treated with care and not overloaded with gems. A few melodic boxes truly do contain mirrors.

Watch Boxes of Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd.

Aside from jewelry boxes, Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. also makes watch boxes. They made this safe for transport and good for the eyes. If you are in a watch business, it is beneficial for you to find a reliable box that upholds the brand with marking. Cases and boxes for watches with a delicately cushioned capacity to forestall scratches and harm are significant as a shockproof cover to vibrations during transport. Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. uses the following materials for the safety of your watches.• Watch boxes made of wood

  • Watch boxes made of plastic
  • Acrylic watch bundling
  • Watch bundling made of cardboard

Some notable watchmakers are among our clients and depend on our watch boxes. Furthermore, we could also make the ideal watch box for your requirements! Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. can make a watch box for single or couple watches. This is a great little box that is perfect for your watch business. Moreover, it is also suitable if you have a watch that didn’t come in its own container and needs extra security.

It would also make a nice gift box for passing down a family treasure. Another type is the one that would give you the freedom to boast about your watches. This case isn’t one to keep in the storage room. This type of watch box has an empty glass that will let you see your watches from the outside. Assuming you have a lot of watches and need a decent-looking method for putting them away and showing them in a single spot, you can’t turn out badly with this. You can customize it up to 12 watches or more than you have.

The pads would be removable to keep wristbands, hoops, and pins securely put away as well. Its smooth carbon fiber configuration includes a simple metal open lock and a metal pivot that holds the top from falling shut.

Rigid Boxes of Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. makes rigid boxes for gifts too. However, rigid boxes have many types, such as the following:

The most common would be the Classic Shoebox. It is what you commonly see when you shop for shoes. This has a style of lid that has a lip 1 inch deep. With Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd., you can decide how deep you want the lip lid to go.

Another type of Rigid Boxes is the Full Telescope lid. This type is commonly seen in chocolate or candy boxes. The cap entirely covers the base of the box. It usually has “thumb cuts” to make opening the box easier. Meanwhile, The Partial Telescope would only partially cover the base.

The “Hinged Lids” type of rigid box has the lid attached permanently to the box. It usually comes with a magnetic stripe or ribbon that would could you an extra. Rigid boxes regularly lead a client to a delightful touch sensation. Sometimes rigid paper-based boxes comprising high-thickness (frequently 2-3mm) chipboard wrapped by beautiful specialty paper.

Additionally, they are alluded to as set-up boxes, gift boxes, and premium bundling. Besides, rigid boxes offer a top-notch feel that improves your clients’ unpacking experience, taking more chances to lay out a solid brand story. They are additionally generally alluded to as set-up boxes, gift boxes, and premium bundling. Moreover, Rigid boxes offer a superior vibe that upgrades your clients’ unpacking experience, taking more chances to lay out a solid brand story. Inflexible boxes offer many marking abilities through printing and completing the process of including; Creating rigid boxes includes a drawn-out process that can require fourteen days longer to deliver than other types. A few levels of manual gathering and quality checks have to be done to assess and guarantee quality norms.

Other Products As mentioned, they have more box products to offer. Here is the list of their boxes.

  • Round Box
  • Cylinder Box
  • Tube Box Paper
  • Canister Skincare Box
  • Cosmetic Box
  • Perfume Box
  • Tin Box
  • Wooden Box
  • Wine Box

Since cosmetics and skincare products are prevalent today, you might as well get these items from them. Whether you need it for gift, business, or personal purposes, you can have what exactly you want with Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd..

Why Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd.?

The answer is simple. With Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd., you can be sure that your input is acknowledged and applied from the very beginning. We act accordingly by jotting down every detail from the smallest to the most important part you don’t want to miss. We give importance to feedback and ideas based on which we follow the requirement you stated including the design, testing, mass production, and up to the delivery. This is to say that you are in complete control of your project. Isn’t that a good thing? Furthermore, whether you are a small or big business, we equally give every effort to provide you with the best resources to produce the packaging for your products. We value your business as much as we love ours.

Final Say

Dongguan Crown Win Package Co., Ltd. is the best packaging company that can support you with your business. You can also rely on them with your personal request, and you won’t get disappointed.

Do you have any inquiries concerning our different items and administrations? Then, at that point, call us or reach us by email – an individual from our administration group will reach out to you at the earliest opportunity!

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